DXM Abuse Symptoms

Depressed woman experience dxm abuse symptoms

DXM Abuse Symptoms

Whether it’s your spouse or teenage kid, you may suspect that your loved one is struggling with DXM abuse. You might notice them taking larger doses of their cough syrup than they should or consistently acting lethargic. Learning to recognize DXM abuse symptoms can help you effectively address the issue, including pursuing treatment at a DXM drug rehab.

Physical DXM Abuse Symptoms

DXM serves many practical purposes, including managing common cold symptoms. However, when misused or abused, it generates euphoric effects. The DXM epidemic has negatively impacted young adults, especially when they combine it with alcohol or marijuana to enhance their euphoria.

If you suspect your loved one has a problem, keep an eye out for these physical DXM abuse symptoms:

Slurred speech | Dilated pupils | Lethargy | Blotchy red skin | Fever | Itchiness

Individuals abusing DXM may also complain about an upset stomach or constant dizziness.  Treatment at a DXM drug rehab will address these symptoms and allow your loved one to enjoy life again.

Behavioral DXM Abuse Symptoms

Like many drugs, DXM abuse can lead to behavioral changes that develop quickly or unexpectedly. For instance, you may notice your child’s grades dropping, or that your once reasonable spouse is lashing out irrationally. While you should take other factors into account, these are definitely red flags.

Other behavioral DXM abuse symptoms include:

Isolation | Evasive behavior | Changes in appetite | Altered sleeping patterns | Depression | Mood swings

Addressing Your Loved One’s DXM Abuse Symptoms

Attacking loved ones or giving them harsh ultimatums rarely has positive effects. In fact, approaching them in this manner may enable them to continue abusing DXM, or even increase consumption. Consider taking a more gentle approach without justifying their actions. Let them know how much you love them and that you’ll be there to support them no matter what. Most importantly, let them know that you’re willing to help them find qualified help at a DXM drug rehab.

Resources to Combat DXM Abuse Symptoms

Especially in cases of long-term use, drug detox at a DXM rehab center may be necessary. During this medically supervised process, professionals monitor health and nutrition as they rid the body of harmful toxins. After DXM withdrawal and detox, continuing addiction treatment at DXM drug rehab is vital. Effective programs and therapeutic methods help individuals change behaviors and prepare for a prosperous, substance-free life.

If you’re unsure of the next step to take with your loved one, a DXM drug rehab has various resources designed to address DXM abuse symptoms. Contact one today.