The Importance of
DXM Drug Rehab

DXM is a key ingredient in many over-the-counter cough medications. When used properly, it helps individuals recover from a serious cough. However, recreational use is becoming more common, especially among younger people.

5.3% of People Aged 12–25 Admitted to Using Cough and Cold Medication Recreationally

Caleb was a young college student who excelled in school but liked to party occasionally. One day, he saw a famous rapper glorifying DXM use in a music video. He decided to try it and loved that it made him feel numb and carefree.

How DXM Abuse Changes People

After abusing DXM for a short period of time, Caleb began changing. He started missing classes and spent many evenings isolated in his dorm room. His parents would give him money, but it would all go to financing his new-found addiction. He needed DXM drug rehab.

The Consequences of a DXM Addiction Without DXM Drug Rehab

Caleb’s DXM addiction developed to the point where he didn’t even want to leave his couch. Caleb needed DXM drug rehab.  However, one of his friends was visiting from out of town, and he had to pick him up at the train station. By this point, he was taking 7.5 mg every three hours to intensify his high. After picking up his friend, Caleb became confused and disoriented. He accidentally turned the wrong way on a one-way street. Before he could even react, an SUV smashed into his car head-on, instantly killing both him and his friend.

Get Help at a DXM Drug Rehab Before It’s Too Late

Your story doesn’t have to end like Caleb’s. If you’re struggling with DXM abuse or addiction, a DXM Drug Rehab has the resources to help you.