DXM Effects

DXM Effects

DXM is a common ingredient in many over-the-counter cough medicines. While it has many therapeutic qualities, it’s also a commonly abused drug, especially among young adults. However, many people are unaware of the dangerous short and long-term DXM side effects.

Short-Term DXM Side Effects

Recreational users consume DXM for its euphoric qualities. In higher doses, it can even produce psychedelic effects similar to PCP or ketamine. While people enjoy the prolonged euphoria, there are also some negative short-term DXM side effects:

Paranoia | Blurred vision | Fever | Itching | Increased heart rate | Motor skill impairment

Long-Term DXM Side Effects

Unlike opiates or alcohol, people generally don’t develop a physical addiction to DXM. However, long-term abuse can result in a psychological addiction. Those with psychological addictions to DXM continually seek that initial euphoric feeling. Over time, users develop a tolerance and require higher doses to achieve the same effects.

Although physical addiction isn’t one of the long-term DXM side effects, the drug can still have negative physical consequences. Long-term users often experience:

Higher blood pressure | Respiratory issues | Liver failure | Insomnia

DXM Overdose

Whenever individuals abuse DXM, there’s overdose potential. Whether it’s your first time or you use it consistently, it can be fatal.

If you or someone you love abuses DXM, you need to be able recognize these symptoms and signs of an overdose:

Breathing difficulties | Slipping into a coma | Seizures or convulsions | Heart palpitations | Nausea or vomiting

For those experiencing an overdose, naloxone (which is also administered for heroin overdoses) is an approved antidote.

DXM Addiction Treatment at DXM Drug Rehab

Even though a DXM addiction is more psychological in nature than drugs like amphetamines, alcohol or nicotine, it can be difficult to overcome. The euphoric feelings encourage individuals to constantly “chase” the high. In the process, they develop a higher tolerance, which causes them take more to replicate the initial effects.

A medically monitored detox at a DXM drug rehab can rid your body of the harmful substance, but comprehensive treatment is necessary to change behaviors that led to abuse in the first place. Multiple levels of care, quality programs and behavioral therapies can help people experience recovery.

If you’re looking to leave DXM side effects in the past,  a DXM drug rehab has various resources to help experience a better life.